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Kadholu - Tamil short film Review

Have you ever been in love?

No matter if it was mutual or not.

No matter if it was said or not.

No matter if no one except you knew about it.

You must know the sweet pain it gives. The unexplainable sensation that makes you go all crazy and weird. 

Ammamuthu Surya's Kadholu is based on the same absurd craziness mentioned above. 

Imagine a guy heads over heels in love over a girl but he is so deep in friendzone that, he doesn't care anymore to even convey it to her. 

Kali Rajkumar plays one such guy and Fouzie is the girl whose friendzone he tries hard to escape. Almost the whole film happens in an elegant black Ambassador car with only the main cast present and a major part of the film is an imaginary conversation between the guy in love and the same guy's skeptic mind. Yet, the film flows on and brings a smile thanks to great writing with special mention to the dialogues. 

"Love a seyyunga da.. aduthavan love a seyyaatheenga da..!"

"Mazhai vara mathri irukuthula? illa?


Love pannunga da.. Varum!"

"Varaathu.. Please"

"Appo... Sollala?

Ippovum sollala."

I could go on and on as I was personally too impressed with the dialogues and Kali's delivery. To be honest, through the posters I believed Kali to be another stone-faced actor with no emotions but thankfully, he failed my expectations and proved to be a good actor with a great dialogue delivery. Fouzie is cute and she emotes well when required and even her voice and delivery play a vital role in this dialogue-driven whacky love story. 

Technically, the film was elegantly present thanks to Praveen Balu's aesthetic shots combined with Do or Die productions' VFX work. Ram Pandian's DI elevated their work further took the film's tone near to poetic beauty. PK's edit makes sure the film doesn't go overboard with the craziness or monologues and makes sure the film stays interesting.

Pranav Muniraj is another talent to look for and his quirky music helped the whacky screenplay the right essence. I realized I was humming "ullaalalaala loveu" even after a few hours of watching the film.

To sum it up, despite the name "Kadholu", the film actually is an earnestly made, true-to-heart beautiful effort and while love is a natural process as mentioned by the director, cinema is an absolute art form which doesn't come just naturally to everyone but takes a lot of hard work, talent and also, an unadulterated love towards it. Ammamuthu seems to have all of the above and we wish him and the whole crew the best. 

So, don't miss watching Kadholu and comment your thoughts :)

P.S. Special Mention to Salesh Dipak Fernando for writing subtitles to a dialogue-driven film like this. It should've been really taxing and so, big kudos. 

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