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Kaal Kattu - Episodes 1 - 3 review | Tamil web series | Vetri | Black Pasanga

Kaal Kattu, a Tamil web series by Black Pasanga is currently trending among many married couples in Tamilnadu. The series is the third contemporary relationship series with a good number of viewers after Balaji Mohan's "As I am suffering from Kadhal" and Prabhuram Vyas's "Livin'" and we have to say we are impressed.

We will review the series on 3 episode basis as the episodes are usually 4-5 minutes long. Here is Currently Globally's review of first 3 episodes of Kaal Kattu!

The best thing about Kaal Kattu is it is a collection of events between a couple, who fell in love with each other and got married. As "Kaal Kattu" is a term used to denote marriage in Tamil, the series could be said as aptly titled as the episodes revolve around the goofs the husband Kavin (Pradeep) does and stuffs that irritate the wife Sathya (Sathiya).

The first episode is titled, "Wife ooruku pora", which opens the series with a wife in a hurry to leave for a function instructing the "Do-nots" to the husband in a comical way.

The second episode of Kaal Kattu titled "Smoking is injurious to Purushan", speaks about Kavin's smoking habit and the humorous but romantic happenings revolved around it. 

The third episode "Konjam Coffee Konjam Kaaram" is about an incident with Sathiya's headache and Kavin's coffee making and how Kavin solves the issue finally.

As for the performances are considered, Pradeep E S, who plays Kavin, is a pro and he emotes perfectly right from the beginning and his "Thiruttu Muzhis" after doing some mistake is natural and instantly likable. The artist turned actor has a long way to go in the field if he uses his talents right and chooses good projects like Kaal Kattu!

Sathiya who plays Sathiya, looked initially to be struggling with her acting, but, as we could see her acting improving with each episode and her cold stares in the third episode and happy smile at the end of the same episode shows how much she has improved herself. Her Erode slang in her angry dialogues makes it more adorable and she has already become the darling of many working women, watching the short film, as her character is actually their daily life.

Vetri, the director of many documentaries, is the scriptwriter and the director of the series and his success lies int he fact that he can convert his simple ideas are into scenes that are relatable by many. 

Ra. Sethurajan, the DoP, has also improved a lot as the episodes pass and we could see the difference in the shot selections and the clarity too. In particular, the second episode's mirror conversation shot and the third episode also has some well-thought shots at the end of the episode.

John, the editor, does a great job in keeping the episodes short yet sweet and interesting. 

Overall, Kaal Kattu has a good potential to become a highly recognized web series and also as one of the pioneers to future Tamil web series.

Way to go team Black Pasanga and looking forward to reviewing the other episodes of Kaal Kattu!

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