TamilRockers admin says "The site was started due to Superstar Rajinikanth" | Behind TamilRockers Part 1 - Currently Globally

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TamilRockers admin says "The site was started due to Superstar Rajinikanth" | Behind TamilRockers Part 1

In case, you find it boring to read the information, we have a Tamil video version of the article at the end of the article.

Disclaimer: We do not support online piracy and in fact, this article and the series "Behind TamilRockers" is going to be written for creating an awareness and not any promotion.

Tamil cinema is going through a lot of obstacles nowadays and in addition to GST, the movies are subjected to Tamilnadu government's entertainment tax and this makes the future of cinema at stake. Also, the exorbitant parking charges and snacks charges in the multiplexes also add up to the problem and Producer's council head Vishal is trying hard to bring things to control.

However, the real villain behind the Tamil cinema and even Indian cinema is the increasing usage of torrents and in particular the infamous site called "TamilRockers" is causing far more headache to producers and actors and everyone in the industry, as they challenge the crew and release the movies as early as possible to create a visible impact.

Now, a leading English online magazine, VoxSpace, has interviewed an expelled Admin of the TamilRockers site and they have collected some shocking information on the inner workings of the website team.

The TamilRockers admin named Bhaskar Kumar, alleges that the site was formed in 2007 because of Superstar Rajinikanth's blockbuster movie "Sivaji". Sivaji was a film made with a huge budget and the producers of the movie AVM productions has approached the Cuber-cell and anti-piracy cell personally and filed FIR against piracy and this led to arrest and sealing of more than 350 CD shops in Tamilnadu.

Bhaskar Kumar and the criminal mastermind, Daniel Raju escaped by luck as they got the information in prior from the sources. They took this personally and they wanted to make a fail-proof way of pirating movies and Torrents, a peer-to-peer sharing system seemed to be the best way forward and they moved the business from CD Shops to Computers and Internet.

The caught admin has provided a lot of insights into the billion-dollar business and he has also provided some shocking information on few producers who support TamilRockers along with their sources. 

Watch this space for more updates on the burning topic along with our small effort in creating an awareness against Online Piracy and the evils it actually creates against a whole industry.

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