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Avalum Naanum - short film review | Amar Ramesh, Harija R | Rakul Venkat | Best Tamil Love Short Films

Avalum Naanum Harija Amar

Avalum Naanum comes as the gift to the newly engaged couple the talented Amar Ramesh and Harija.

This Tamil/Malayalam love short film is directed by Rakul Venkat and has SreRam Anand as its composer and Nandha Kumar as its cinematographer. Let's see how the short film is and if it lives up to its expectations.

As the trailer pointed out, this short film is about taking anyone who has suffered a break-up back to their memory lane. 

The short film starts with Amar trying to convince his Malayali Muslim mother about the marriage and at the same time, Harija who has failed to convince her parents is in tears.

From then, as the conversation continues, moments of their past life together comes non-linearly and makes up for an emotional short film.

The best part of the short film is inarguably SreRam's music and Nandha's cinematography. The shot selections and the lighting in each and every scene show the mark of an expert DoP and also, the shots help in convey the story the director has in mind and never stands out odd.

The short film has multiple songs in it and our personal favorite is "Nee ennai vittu pogathey", with an earthy feel and beautiful reverse shots in the visuals.

Harija, as always looks gorgeous and the real-life pair has an extraordinary chemistry in the bike shots and Amar, scores his brownie points in the teary scene that comes right before "Nee ennai vittu".

Overall, Rakul has done a fantastic job with the short film and while some might have expected a bit faster screenplay, we felt the musical short film was right on its pace and had moments cute and emotional enough. 

Congratulations from Currently Globally to the whole team and in particular, to the lead pair for their journey together in real life!

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