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Mitta - Tamil Webseries | Promo Episode Review | Chennai Memes | Lallu, Sathu | Abijith | Currently Globally Webseries

Ever noticed a guy in your office or college with sleepy eyes and ever-consistent tipsy looks? These characters try to avoid talks with most people normally and behave in a peculiar way. But, one day when you meet them in their homes/rooms with their real fuel inside them, you will understand the most complicated thought processes ever and sometimes, their brilliance and the way they see things will amaze you. 

This specific breed of humans are called globally as "The Stoners"

A stoner, according to Wikipedia, is a consistent user of cannabis (Marijuana aka Ganja aka weed) and Chennai Meme's Mitta is a web series about two such habitual stoners and their lives.


Rangoon and Kasimedu Kadhal fame Lallu and Mime artist Sathu talks about the mini Avengers movie  (Captain America: Winter Soldier) experience and slowly, their speech takes multiple turns and moves towards Donald Trump, Why Indians are being targetted, Why Tamils are being targetted and after a full circle, they return back to same Iron man vs Captain America.

We are then revealed to a surprise that they both are actually stoners and as their stock ends, they go to their usual shopping place in Sathya Nagar and they get their stash refilled. Again, they both talk about their lives and relationships and finally, they start another journey to get fresh Kashmiri Joint from a friend.

What works out?

Lallu and Sathu - both are exceptional talents and they bring real stoners before your eyes. Their voice modulations are an added plus and even non-stoners, can relate and even enjoy their stoned talks. Also, Lallu's change of expressions and emotions in the last scene and how the talented actor has done the same with ease proves his flair for acting.

The whole premise is very new to Tamil media. Except for Bala, nobody has even tried showing the marijuana addiction or stoners' perspective of things and this premise shows the perspective and as with very few Tamil films and short films, this experimental web series brings out the stoners' world before your eyes.

Music by Abijith Ramaswami is splendid and the music has multiple levels and covers multiple genres befitting the story of stoners. Even the final music and Sathya Nagar scene music brings out a certain tipsiness. Kudos!

Cinematography by Sathish deserves an applause for the timelapse driving shots and tipsy camera angles in such minimum budget.

Dialogues by Pradeep Immanuel and Selva Kumar has a fervent realism and certain dialogues bring out a smile and sometimes a laugh even without a puff inside. eg.,

"Bro, namma oorla yen bro intha mathri 3D (movies) edukka maatranga?"

"Namma oorla ellame "Thirudi" (Stolen) than bro edukranga!"

What doesn't work out?

First of all, too big watermark of Chennai Memes, which is necessary but, shouldn't be that huge and hindering the view of the video.

Sometimes, too many of something irritates and similarly, in spite of the apt usage of the word "bro", too many bros slightly makes things monotonous.

As it is a promo episode, we are not yet brought towards the actual premise of the story and so, for few viewers, this promo episode might feel boring or repetitive. 

Also, one might argue if the web series actually promotes or glorifies usage of harmful drugs and it might be a setback to the team. But, we feel portraying things as they are is what is important and for a creator, this freedom of expression is a necessity. 

Our verdict:

A completely different experimental effort with great performances and sound technical crew. Watch for such a unique effort in Tamil.

Our Rating:


  1. Hi to whomsover its concern i am Viswanath i am the cinematographer for this entire webseries, but the name is derived here as sathish can you pls change that...

    This is my facebook profile you can check in that

  2. This the pic of entire team with producer you can check in this also


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