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Movie we need, Movie we don't deserve - Lipstick Under My Burkha - Trailer review | Konkana Sen Sharma | Currently Globally Movies

Arranged marriage. The first night of consummation. Boy's lust has satiated. Girl's lust hasn't. Can she ask the boy for another time?

A middle-aged widower seeking pleasure from a sex worker is a casual gossip, while, a widow who does that is a slut. Isn't she?

Be it a married/unmarried couple, who gets the condom, a simple contraceptive device? The man right? How can a woman even spell those words?

And thanks to the numerous jokes that revolve about "A key which opens all locks and a lock that is opened by every key", we have our mindset ready for the sexual equality for both genders. In fact, the denial or non-existence of sexual equality for women is what our society proudly announces.

What if a movie decides to take a small step towards sexual equality for women? 

Then, It is deemed to be an anti-social movie, a woman's fantasy about life and a movie which contains contagious sex scenes and the movie is refused any certification by CBFC. 

Lipstick under my burkha, directed by Alankrita Shrivastava, starring Konkana Sen Sharma, Ratna Pathak, Aahana Kumra and produced by Prakash Jha and Ekta Kapoor is the movie we do not deserve but, the movie we need. 

The story revolves around 4 women, A 55-year-old widow trying to quench her carnal thirst with help of a steamy phone sex with a swimming coach, A muslim colleger struggling hard to be a pop singer despite the restrictions her religion requires, A beautician trying hard to come out of the small town she lives and a mother of three trying hard to be a sales person.

These women have something in common and something that is very normal in this patriarchal Indian society, i.e., lack of sexual freedom and lack of doing things a normal man can do like masturbation to watching pornography. The land of Kamasutra has far evolved in certain areas but, has gone backward in certain areas and sexual freedom of women is one of it. 

Lipstick under my burkha has won critical acclaims across the world and has won awards at multiple film festivals with rave reviews and after a huge struggle against CBFC, the movie is releasing on July 21 and these are the movies that require recognition if you want the world to be a better place and fair place. 

The trailer for the movie has released and the trailer seems to be made as a fitting reply for CBFC and the society we live in and poster even features a middle finger turning into a lipstick.  

Currently Globally wishes the whole team a grand success and we hope at least 1 percent of the movie-goers seek the pain behind the movie rather than just watching the movie for "contagious sex scenes". 

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