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Saarattu Vandiyila - Lyric Analysis & Promo Video - Kaatru Veliyidai

Weddings are emotional moments.

Two hearts in love getting together or getting together to get to know love. Two families combined together as a single family. A day to increase the payroll for most day-to-day workers involved. A day to keep the grumpy relatives happy and stuff their mouths with delicious foods.

More than this, A wedding is most times a divine experience, where the souls, completely unrelated for quite a long time, combined together and in the conservative Indian society, Mangalsutra alias Thaali, gives respect to both woman and man. 

Who better to portray all these colorful emotions in a colorful canvas called cinema, than the man made for it, Maniratnam?

In the line of Yaaro Yaarodi (Alai Payuthey), Kannalane (Bombay), comes "Saarattu Vandiyila" (Kaatru Veliydiai). With romantic lyrics written with an aesthetic sense, Vairamuthu steals our hearts with lines like these.

"Adi Veththala Potta
Udhatta Enakku
Pathiram Pannikkudu
Naan Kodutha Kadana
Thiruppi Kudukka
Saththiyam Pannikkudu"

Here the groom taunts the bride, "Keep the betel-red lips safe for me, and Promise me to give back the loans (kisses) I gave you"

And, intimate but lines that will evoke smiles like, 

"Paadu Pattu Vidiyum Pozhudhu
Veliyil Solla Poigal Vaenumadi
Pudhu Ponne
Adhuthaandi Thamizh Naattu Baani"

In the above lines, the groom says the bride, "When we are completely worn-out after your wedding night, we will need lies to say others (in spite of everyone knowing the real reason), my new bride, that's Tamil style"

Finally, I end my lyrics analysis by wonderfully written yet explicit lines,

"Avan Kaigalil Udaiyattum
Kanni Kannaadi
Kaththaazhang Kaatukkul
Maththaalam Kekkudhu"

which means, "Let her virgin bangles break in his (Groom's) hands and in the cactus forest there is now a thunder rumbling"

Wow. Just a degree more, the songs would have become a cheap poetry, but, master lyricist Vairamuthu has used his brilliant verses to make this admirable romantic song. 

Adding to the flavor, we have beautifully shot locations with red and yellow tones to add to the sensuousness. 

Just in awe whenever the masters work together.

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