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Pirates of Caribbean 5 - Dead Men Tell No Tales - OfficialTrailer

Our favorite Pirate is back. 

Jack Sparrow with all his mighty humor and careless attitude is really back.

Johnny Depp has done a wonderful job through out the career with amazing roles like Edward Scissorhands in Edwarrd Scissorhands, Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland, Ed Wood in Ed Wood, and Willi Wonka in Charlie and The Chocolate factory.

However, Johnny Depp is known to every nook and corner of the world as Jack Sparrow, apologies, Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of Caribbean series. 

This is the fifth part of the series, "Dead men tell no tales", and the plot looks similar to the earlier ones in the series. 

Jack Sparrow has an enemy who is dead for long and returns back with vengeance and a princess and a man hopelessly in love with her get entangled in the vengeance story and what happens next is the question, for which everyone knows the answer.

Jack Sparrow wins. That's what is going to happen. But, what was exciting about the series is the way he wins and the antics he does. 

Let's have a look at the trailer for a visually splendid experience and let's welcome the return of Captain Jack Sparrow with open hands.

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